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We are Alma Boulder

Woman climbing wall
Climbing wall



This is our space for all explorers and thrill seekers. For those intrepid spirits who long to challenge new limits. Here, in the heart of Pucón, in the south of Chile, our essence, climbing becomes the protagonist of an active and healthy lifestyle. We want you to live a challenging experience and for your energy to rise towards a more comprehensive life.


In these 250 meters of vertical experience, each route is updated along with our entire team, just like the beats of the heart, we are always in constant evolution towards an exploration of our own inner strength and the indomitable spirit that resides in each one. of us. We want together to be more than just a climbing center; that we are a community, where friends, family and climbers have the possibility of discovering new possibilities in the heights.

Join us on this momentous journey of vertical adventure, community and active lifestyle. In Alma Boulder. We are Alma and We are Boulder, where each step is an invitation to explore the deepest and most challenging corners to embrace the vertigo of a sport that grows more every day.

We hope to see you

Los Calabozos 380

Sector El Claro, Pucón.

Telephone: +56 9 7908 3179

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